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Industry Computer and video game industry
Founded December 2002
Headquarters Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Key people
Chris Peck, Managing Director
Products The Ship, Bloody Good Time

Outerlight was a small video game development company. Outerlight's first major title, The Ship, is a unique, first person multiplayer game set aboard dramatized early-1900s ocean liners. The commercial version was released through Steam (for Microsoft Windows) in July, 2006.[1] It was met with a favorable critical reception, and scores 76% on Metacritic. Outerlight had released an earlier prototype of the game as a Half-Life mod in 2004.[2]

In August 2007, Outerlight announced it was working on a spiritual successor to The Ship.[3] Bloody Good Time, published by Ubisoft and released on 29 October 2010, is played in dramatized Hollywood B movie sets. The game is available through Xbox Live Arcade and Steam (for Windows).[4][5]

Before the release of Bloody Good Time, Outerlight's website was shut down, its development team was disbanded, and its office was vacated. This is attributed to the net loss from The Ship.[citation needed]