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Outerlight Limited
Industry Video game industry
Fate Dissolved
Founded 10 March 2003; 14 years ago (2003-03-10)
  • Chris Peck
  • Alisa Bates
  • Ed Wilson
Defunct 2010 (2010)
Headquarters Edinburgh, Scotland
Key people
Chris Peck (managing director)
Number of employees
1 (2010)

Outerlight Limited was a British video game developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. The company was incorporated on 10 March 2003, by Chris Peck, Alisa Bates and Ed Wilson.[1] Their first game was The Ship a mod for Half-Life 2, released for free in 2004.[2] The game was reworked as a standalone title, under the name The Ship: Murder Party, and released commercially, independently via Steam, in July 2006.[3] Peck described the time of The Ship's development as "a costly and soul destroying two years chasing publishing deals and failing".[4] Retail versions of the game were distributed by Merscom and Mindscape, in North America and Europe, respectively.[5][6]

A sequel to the game, The Ship 2, was announced to be in development in September 2007.[7] The game was briefly known as Hollywood Murder Party,[8] and was announced as Bloody Good Time, published by Ubisoft, in September 2010.[9] Shortly prior to the game's October 2010 release, Peck announced that all of Outerlight's staff, except for him, had been laid off, and the offices vacated.[10] Peck remained with the company as managing director and kept it trading using ongoing sales from The Ship: Murder Party, hoping that the upcoming income from Bloody Good Time would help re-establish the company.[11] Although no fruther news came from Outerlight, with the website having shut down, the studio is believed to have closed completely sometime in 2010.[12]

The Ship's intellectual property was acquired by Blazing Griffin in November 2011.[13][14][15] Using the license, Blazing Griffin attempted to finance a sequel to the game, The Ship: Full Steam Ahead, through a Kickstarter campaign starting in October 2012, and seeking GB£128,000.[16][17][18] However, project funding was cancelled in January 2013, after Blazing Griffin saw major communication problems with the Kickstarter community.[19][20] In place of the sequel, Blazing Griffin instead announced in June 2015 that they were developing a remastered version of the original The Ship: Murder Party game, titled The Ship: HD,[21] although this was later changed to The Ship: Remasted.[22] The game was released into Steam Early Access in February 2016, which it exited in October 2016.[23][24]

Games developed[edit]

Year Title Platform(s) Publisher(s)
2006 The Ship: Murder Party Microsoft Windows Outerlight, Merscom, Mindscape
2010 Bloody Good Time Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 Ubisoft


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