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For the Philadelphia LGBT street festival, see OutFest Philadelphia.
Location Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Language International
Website http://www.outfest.org

Outfest is an LGBT-oriented film showcase and festival in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 1982 as the "Gay and Lesbian Media Festival and Conference", the name was changed to Outfest in 1994.[1][2] Outfest is the leading organization with a stated mission of promoting equality by creating, sharing and protecting LGBT stories on the screen.




Outfest supports youth through education, mentoring and access to meaningful LGBT stories

  • Free memberships to youth age 21 years and younger
  • OutSet: The Young Filmmakers Project a Collaboration between Outfest and LifeWorks
  • Emerging Leaders Council


The Outfest Alumni program is committed to the continued support and growth of our filmmakers.

Outie awards[edit]

Outfest gives annual "Outie" awards in 16 categories. Awards are given by grand juries, festival audiences and the Program Committees. Jury awards are given for:

  • US Narrative Feature
  • Screenwriting
  • Actor in a Feature Film
  • Actress in a Feature Film
  • International Feature
  • Documentary Feature

Audience awards are given for:

  • First Narrative Feature
  • Narrative Feature
  • Lesbian Narrative Feature
  • Documentary Feature
  • Narrative Short Film
  • Documentary Short Film
  • Soundtrack

Programs awards are given for:

  • Freedom Award
  • Outstanding Emerging Talent
  • Outstanding Artistic Achievement

Outfest also presents the Outfest Achievement Award, the Outfest Honors, the Outfest Screenwriting Lab Award and the Screen Idol Award.

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