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Outfit7 Ltd.
Industry Games, Mobile App
Founder Samo Login
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Key people
Samo Login CEO
Products Talking Tom and Friends
Website Outfit7.com

Outfit7 is the multinational development company that created Talking Tom and Friends. CEO and co-founder Samo Login, Outfit7 created Talking Tom in 2010 and as of July 2014 there are now six characters (Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Ginger, Talking Ben, Talking Pierre, and Talking Hank) and a total of 14 apps within the Talking Tom and Friends umbrella brand.


Talking Tom and Friends reached 300 million downloads 19 months after its launch. The app franchise then went on to hit one billion downloads in June 2013.[1] Outfit7’s free-to-download Talking Tom and Friends apps have been downloaded in over 230 countries and territories worldwide, from South Korea to Vatican City.[2]

Outfit7 is now releasing YouTube singles, an animated web series, merchandise and a soon to be released animated series.[3]


In 2009 a group of eight entrepreneurs decided that they wanted to create unique entertainment apps and formed Outfit7. The architect behind Talking Tom, Outfit7’s CEO and co-founder Login, previously worked for the Slovenian search engine portal Najdi.si.


Video Achievements[edit]

Talking Tom and Friends made their musical debut in 2012 with a duet between Tom and Angela called ‘You Get Me’. Created in partnership with Walt Disney Records/Hollywood Records, the video has received over 165 million views on YouTube as of July 2014. Talking Angela has also recorded her first solo song called ‘That’s Falling in Love’.

Web-Based Animated Series[edit]

Outfit7, in partnership with Disney Interactive, launched a web-based animated series called Talking Friends based on the antics of Talking Tom and Friends.


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