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Outfit of the day

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An outfit of the day (commonly abbreviated OOTD[1]) is where fashion bloggers show what clothes (or outfits) they wear on a particular day or occasion. The video mentions where each article of clothing, jewelry, and accessories is from. The intent is for the audience to view their outfit and buy the products they are wearing,show off style, or give outfit inspiration. These are often found on social media websites, such as Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest, as well as various videos on YouTube and TikTok.[2] Mostly used by a younger female demographic, an outfit of the day may feature different clothes, accessories and shoes. Similar to these blogs are known as "outfit(s) of the week" (OOTW), where the blogger will display what they plan to wear during a whole week (or several days). Outfit is even abbreviated to "fit" in these videos. Brands will use famous influencers to promote their products using the "outfit of the day" tactic. If the audience sees their favorite celebrity, vlogger, or blogger wearing this product, they will most likely buy it. This tactic has increased sales for many brands. Vogue (magazine) has a recurring segment on Youtube that shows "Every outfit (fill in celebrity name here) wears in a week. "Outfit of the day" has become so popular that the average person will post them. It expresses one's fashion sense and style to their followers. "Outfit of the day" is also seen in "Get ready with me" videos. "Get ready with me" (commonly abbreviated GRWM) is a video where influencers get ready for the day with the audience. In these videos, influencers talk about their plans for the day, what makeup products they are using to get ready, and the "Outfit of the day" they are wearing. These videos are personable and engaging with the audience. Famous TikToker Alix Earle started the trend of GRWM. "Outfit of the Day" videos started as early as 2010 but gained popularity in 2019. Stassi Schroeder, who got famous on Vanderpump rules, officially announced the National OOTD Day on June 30th.

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