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Outhwaite Homes is a public development under jurisdiction of the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority in Cleveland, Ohio. Built in 1935 by architects Edward J. Maier, Travis G. Walsh, and Leo J. Barrett and possibly named after Joseph H. Outhwaite, it was the first federally funded public housing in the Cleveland area and one of the first in the U.S.. At the time of its opening, rent was listed at $4.78. The 100-plus-unit complex at East 55th Street and Woodland Avenue is, in autumn of 2011, in the final stages of redevelopment.[1] The Outhwaite Homes, like other housing developments in the CMHA, provides residential housing for low-income families in the eastern section of downtown Cleveland.

Two famous Cleveland brothers, Louis Stokes (US Congressman for over 28 years) and Carl Stokes (first black mayor of a major US city 1967) were among the first residents of Outhwaite.

Construction Details (1935 dollars):
Total Cost: $3,211,727
Land: $742,492
Construction: $2,420,335
Landscaping: $48,900
Construction cost per room (incl. landscaping): $1,139,95

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