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The location of Afghanistan
An enlargeable map of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Afghanistan:

Afghanistanlandlocked sovereign country located in Central Asia. Since the late 1970s Afghanistan has experienced a continuous state of civil war.

General reference[edit]

An enlargeable relief map of Afghanistan

Geography of Afghanistan[edit]

An enlargeable topographic map of Afghanistan

Geography of Afghanistan

 Pakistan 2,430 km
 Tajikistan 1,206 km
 Iran 936 km
 Turkmenistan 744 km
 Uzbekistan 137 km
 China 76 km
  • Coastline: none

Environment of Afghanistan[edit]

An enlargeable satellite image of Afghanistan

Environment of Afghanistan

Natural geographic features of Afghanistan[edit]

Regions of Afghanistan[edit]

Regions of Afghanistan

Ecoregions of Afghanistan[edit]

List of ecoregions in Afghanistan

Administrative divisions of Afghanistan[edit]

Administrative divisions of Afghanistan

Map of Afghanistan with province border lines.
Provinces of Afghanistan[edit]

Provinces of Afghanistan

  1. Badakhshan Province
  2. Badghis Province
  3. Baghlan Province
  4. Balkh Province
  5. Bamyan Province
  6. Daykundi Province
  7. Farah Province
  8. Faryab Province
  9. Ghazni Province
  10. Ghor Province
  11. Helmand Province
  12. Herat Province
  13. Jowzjan Province
  14. Kabul Province
  15. Kandahar Province
  16. Kapisa Province
  17. Khost Province
  18. Kunar Province
  19. Kunduz Province
  20. Laghman Province
  21. Lowgar Province
  22. Nangarhar Province
  23. Nimruz Province
  24. Nurestan Province
  25. Orūzgān Province
  26. Paktia Province
  27. Paktika Province
  28. Panjshir Province
  29. Parwan Province
  30. Samangan Province
  31. Sar-e Pol Province
  32. Takhar Province
  33. Wardak Province
  34. Zabul Province
Districts of Afghanistan[edit]

Districts of Afghanistan Afghanistan is divided into 398 districts.

Municipalities of Afghanistan[edit]

Municipalities of Afghanistan

Demography of Afghanistan[edit]

Demographics of Afghanistan

Government and politics of Afghanistan[edit]

Politics of Afghanistan

Branches of government[edit]

Government of Afghanistan

Executive branch of the government of Afghanistan[edit]

Legislative branch of the government of Afghanistan[edit]

Judicial branch of the government of Afghanistan[edit]

Foreign relations of Afghanistan[edit]

Foreign relations of Afghanistan

International organization membership[edit]

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a member of:[1]

Law and order in Afghanistan[edit]

Law of Afghanistan

Military of Afghanistan[edit]

Military of Afghanistan

Local government in Afghanistan[edit]

Local government in Afghanistan

History of Afghanistan[edit]

History of Afghanistan

By period[edit]

By subject[edit]

Culture of Afghanistan[edit]

Culture of Afghanistan

Ethnolinguistic groups of Afghanistan
Afghan boys and girls at Kabul
Tribal and religious leaders at Kandahar

Art in Afghanistan[edit]

People of Afghanistan[edit]

Religion in Afghanistan[edit]

Sports in Afghanistan[edit]

Sports in Afghanistan

Economy and infrastructure of Afghanistan[edit]

Economy of Afghanistan

Education in Afghanistan[edit]

Education in Afghanistan

Health in Afghanistan[edit]

Health in Afghanistan

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