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The location of Bahrain
An enlargeable map of the Kingdom of Bahrain

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Bahrain:

BahrainIslamic sovereign island nation located in the Persian Gulf.[1] In the late 1800s, following successive treaties with the British, Bahrain became a protectorate of the United Kingdom. Following the withdrawal of the British from the region in the late 1960s, Bahrain declared independence in 1971. Formerly a state, Bahrain was declared a "Kingdom" in 2002. Since early 2011, the country has experienced sustained protests and unrest inspired by the regional Arab Spring, particularly by the majority Shia population.


General reference[edit]

An enlargeable map of Bahrain

Geography of Bahrain[edit]

A topographic map of Bahrain

Geography of Bahrain

Environment of Bahrain[edit]

A satellite image of Bahrain

Natural geographic features of Bahrain[edit]

Regions of Bahrain[edit]

Regions of Bahrain

Ecoregions of Bahrain[edit]

List of ecoregions in Bahrain

Administrative divisions of Bahrain[edit]

Administrative divisions of Bahrain

Governorates of Bahrain[edit]

Governorates of Bahrain

Cities in Bahrain[edit]

Demography of Bahrain[edit]

Demographics of Bahrain

Government and politics of Bahrain[edit]

Politics of Bahrain

Liberalism in Bahrain[edit]

Political parties in Bahrain[edit]

Bahraini politicians[edit]

Branches of government[edit]

Government of Bahrain

Executive branch of the government of Bahrain[edit]

Legislative branch of the government of Bahrain[edit]

Judicial branch of the government of Bahrain[edit]

Court system of Bahrain

Foreign relations of Bahrain[edit]

Bahraini diplomats[edit]

International organization membership[edit]

The Kingdom of Bahrain is a member of:[1]

Law and order in Bahrain[edit]

Law of Bahrain

Human rights in Bahrain[edit]

Torture in Bahrain[edit]

Military of Bahrain[edit]

Military of Bahrain

Local government in Bahrain[edit]

Local government in Bahrain

History of Bahrain[edit]

History of Bahrain

Archaeological sites in Bahrain[edit]

Disasters in Bahrain[edit]

Culture of Bahrain[edit]

Culture of Bahrain

Bahraini people[edit]

Bahraini families[edit]

Al Khalifa[edit]
Al Binali[edit]
Al Saad[edit]
Al Fadhel[edit]
Al Noami[edit]
Al Husaini[edit]
Al Zeera[edit]
Al Kooheji[edit]
Al Doy[edit]

Bahraini people by occupation[edit]

Bahraini activists[edit]
Bahraini actors[edit]
Bahraini television actors[edit]
Bahraini journalists[edit]
Bahraini lawyers[edit]
Bahraini musicians[edit]
Bahraini female DJ
Bahraini singers[edit]
Bahraini female singers
Bahraini male singers
Bahraini pirates[edit]
Bahraini prisoners and detainees[edit]

Sport in Bahrain[edit]

Bahraini Clubs[edit]

Cricket in Bahrain[edit]

Football in Bahrain[edit]

Bahrain Grand Prix[edit]

Bahrain at the Olympics[edit]

Bahraini sportspeople[edit]

Bahraini footballers[edit]
Bahraini athletes[edit]

Sports venues in Bahrain[edit]

Football venues in Bahrain[edit]

Economy and infrastructure of Bahrain[edit]

Economy of Bahrain

Science and technology in Bahrain[edit]

Companies of Bahrain[edit]

Banks of Bahrain[edit]

Trade unions of Bahrain[edit]

Transport in Bahrain[edit]

Education in Bahrain[edit]

Schools in Bahrain[edit]

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Bahraini culture[edit]

Languages of Bahrain[edit]

  • Bahrani Arabic
  • Gulf Arabic
  • The term Bahrani Arabic which is presented as the dialect of the Shiite in Bahrain is a bit biased. There are Shiite who live in Muharraq, the second largest island in Bahrain Archipelago, and other parts of Bahrain who speak what the author termed Sunni dialect. The distinction between the dialects in Bahrain, if any, is primarily in intonation and in pronouncing some words with different sounds other than the written forms of Arabic. In fact, it is hard to distinguish Shiite from Sunni persons when they talk in those areas. In addition, educated people and those who live in cities and towns do not have that strong accent, termed herein Bahrani dialect. The term "Bahrani dialect" ,therefore, is politically motivated. As for the dialect being used in the Eastern province of the Arabian Peninsula, the fact is that the same strong accent used by some Shiite in Bahrain is dominant in Ehsaa, Al qateef and other towns , but not in major cities as Dammam or Khober, for example. Hence, it is rather biased and even untrue to paint a picture of dominance of a certain accent in the kind of Arabic spoken in Bahrain and give it a term in that way. As for the Ajmi dialect, it is not a dialect at all. Bahraini people from Iranian origin, tend to keep their original Farsi or Persian language and use it at home with their families. However, when they speak to others outside their homes, they speak like any Bahraini, some speak with a Shiite accent and some with a Sunni accent. Only in films and comedy, the exaggerated accent of Arabic affected by Persian or Farsi is detectable. For all those reasons, the term Bahrani dialect is biased and even non-existent as it is a mere variation in the intonation of the same language.

Maps of Bahrain[edit]

Government of Bahrain[edit]

Members of the Cabinet of Bahrain[edit]

Prime Ministers of Bahrain[edit]

Bahraini monarchs[edit]

Bahraini law[edit]

Military of Bahrain[edit]

Military equipment of Bahrain[edit]

Guided missiles of Bahrain[edit]

Air-to-air missiles of Bahrain[edit]
Bahrain Defense Forces guided missiles[edit]

Organisations based in Bahrain[edit]


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