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The location of Northern Cyprus
An enlargeable map of Northern Cyprus
An enlargeable political map of the island of Cyprus

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Northern Cyprus:

Northern Cyprusde facto independent republic[1][2][3] on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Officially it is the northern territory of the Republic of Cyprus.[4] The TRNC declared independence in 1983, nine years after a Greek Cypriot coup attempting to annex the island to Greece triggered an invasion by Turkey. It has received diplomatic recognition only from Turkey, on which it is dependent for economic, political and military support. The rest of the international community, including the United Nations and European Union, recognises the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus over the whole island.

General reference[edit]

Geography of Northern Cyprus[edit]

An enlargeable topographic map of the island of Cyprus


Environment of Northern Cyprus[edit]

An enlargeable satellite image of the island of Cyprus

Natural geographic features of Northern Cyprus[edit]

  • World Heritage Sites in Northern Cyprus: None

Ecoregions of Northern Cyprus[edit]

Administrative divisions of Northern Cyprus[edit]

Municipalities of Northern Cyprus[edit]

Demography of Northern Cyprus[edit]

Government and politics of Northern Cyprus[edit]

Politics of Northern Cyprus

Branches of the government of Northern Cyprus[edit]

Executive branch of the government of Northern Cyprus[edit]

Legislative branch of the government of Northern Cyprus[edit]

Foreign relations of Northern Cyprus[edit]

International organization membership[edit]

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a member of:[4]

Law and order in Northern Cyprus[edit]

Military of Northern Cyprus[edit]

History of Northern Cyprus[edit]

Culture of Northern Cyprus[edit]

Art in Northern Cyprus[edit]

Sports in Northern Cyprus[edit]

Economy and infrastructure of Northern Cyprus[edit]

Education in Northern Cyprus[edit]

Airport of Northern Cyprus[edit]

Ercan Airport - http://www.flyercan.com

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