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The location of the Province of Saskatchewan in Canada

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Saskatchewan:

Saskatchewan – central prairie province in Canada, with an area of 588,276 square kilometres (227,100 sq mi), bounded on the west by Alberta, on the north by the Northwest Territories, on the east by Manitoba, and on the south by the U.S. states of Montana and North Dakota. Saskatchewan was first explored by Europeans in 1690 and settled in 1774; prior to that, it was populated by several indigenous tribes. It became a province in 1905. Saskatchewan's major industries are agriculture, mining, and energy. The province's name is derived from the Saskatchewan River. The river is designated kisiskāciwani-sīpiy ("swift flowing river") in the Cree language.[1]

General reference[edit]

Geography of Saskatchewan[edit]

Geography of Saskatchewan

Environment of Saskatchewan[edit]

Natural geographic features of Saskatchewan[edit]

Regions of Saskatchewan[edit]

Administrative divisions of Saskatchewan[edit]

An enlargeable map of the census divisions of the Province of Saskatchewan
Municipalities of Saskatchewan[edit]

List of communities in Saskatchewan

Demography of Saskatchewan[edit]

Demographics of Saskatchewan

Government and politics of Saskatchewan[edit]

Politics of Saskatchewan

Representation in the government of Canada[edit]

members of the Upper House are called Senators

Members of the lower house are referred to as Members of Parliament MP

Branches of the government of Saskatchewan[edit]

Government of Saskatchewan

Executive branch[edit]

Legislative branch[edit]

Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA)

Judicial branch[edit]

Interprovincial relations[edit]

Interprovincial organization membership[edit]

Saskatchewan is a member of:

Law of Saskatchewan[edit]

History of Saskatchewan[edit]

History of Saskatchewan

By period[edit]

By region[edit]

By subject[edit]

Culture of Saskatchewan[edit]

Culture of Saskatchewan

The Arts in Saskatchewan[edit]

Sports in Saskatchewan[edit]

Sport in Saskatchewan

Economy and infrastructure of Saskatchewan[edit]

Economy of Saskatchewan

Education in Saskatchewan[edit]

Education in Saskatchewan

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