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The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Switzerland:

Switzerlandalpine country in Central Europe, located mostly in the Alps. Switzerland is the oldest neutral country in the world; it has not fought a foreign war since its neutrality was established by the Treaty of Paris in 1815. It is not a member of the European Union.[1] Swiss icons include Switzerland's quality of life, its neutrality, the Swiss Alps, watches, yodeling, and chocolate.

General reference[edit]

Geography of Switzerland[edit]

An enlargeable topographic map of Switzerland
 Italy 740 km
 France 573 km
 Germany 334 km
 Austria 164 km
 Liechtenstein 41 km
  • Coastline: none

Environment of Switzerland[edit]

An enlargeable satellite image of Switzerland

Natural geographic features of Switzerland[edit]

Regions of Switzerland[edit]

Ecoregions of Switzerland[edit]

Administrative divisions of Switzerland[edit]

Provinces of Switzerland[edit]
Districts of Switzerland[edit]
Municipalities of Switzerland[edit]

Demography of Switzerland[edit]

Government and politics of Switzerland[edit]

Main article: Government of Switzerland and Politics of Switzerland

Branches of the government of Switzerland[edit]

Executive branch of the government of Switzerland[edit]

Legislative branch of the government of Switzerland[edit]

Judicial branch of the government of Switzerland[edit]

Foreign relations of Switzerland[edit]

International organization membership[edit]

The Swiss Confederation is a member of:[2]

Law and order in Switzerland[edit]

Main article: Law of Switzerland

Military of Switzerland[edit]

Local government in Switzerland[edit]

History of Switzerland[edit]

Main article: History of Switzerland, Timeline of the history of Switzerland, and Current events of Switzerland

Culture of Switzerland[edit]

Art in Switzerland[edit]

Sports in Switzerland[edit]

Main article: Sports in Switzerland

Economy and infrastructure of Switzerland[edit]

Education in Switzerland[edit]

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