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Venn diagram of sustainable development:
at the confluence of three constituent parts[1]

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to sustainability:

Sustainability – capacity to endure. For humans, sustainability is the long-term maintenance of well being, which has environmental, economic, and social dimensions, and encompasses the concept of stewardship and responsible resource management.

Essence of sustainability[edit]



Sustainabiity is divided into two main branches: sustainability science and sustainability governance. Each of these branches is divided into a number of subfields:

Sub-fields of sustainability science[edit]

Sustainability science

Sub-fields of sustainability governance[edit]

Sustainable packagingmolded pulp uses recycled newsprint to form package components. Here, researchers are molding packaging from straw.[2]

Sustainability governance

Related disciplines[edit]

History of sustainability[edit]

History of sustainability


Coral reefs are amongst the most diverse ecosystems on earth.


Levels of biological organisation[edit]

Politics of sustainability[edit]

Population control[edit]

Population control

Environmental technology[edit]

Sustainable urban design and innovation: Photovoltaic ombrière SUDI is an autonomous and mobile station that replenishes energy for electric vehicles using solar energy.

Environmental technology

Energy conservation[edit]

Energy conservation

Over consumption[edit]



Urban horticulture – Salad lettuce cultivation at the Growing Communities‘ urban plot, in Springfield Park, Clapton, North London.






Sustainability organizations[edit]

Sustainability publications[edit]

Leaders in sustainability[edit]

Category:Sustainability advocates

Paul Hawken

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