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Outpost may refer to:


  • Outpost (military), a detachment of troops stationed at a distance from the main force or formation, usually at a station in a remote or sparsely populated location
  • Outpost (civilian), in civilian terms denotes an outlying frontier settlement or colony in a remote or sparsely populated location, on the frontier of civilization or on or across political boundaries of the state, far away from the home or country
  • Border outpost, an outpost maintained by a sovereign state on its border, usually one of a series placed at regular intervals, to watch over and safeguard its border with a neighboring state
  • Human outpost, artificially-created, controlled human habitats located in environments inhospitable for humans, such as on the ocean floor, in space or on another planet
  • Outpost Estates, Los Angeles, California, a canyon neighborhood
  • Outpost Islands, Nunavut, Canada
  • Israeli outpost, usually refers to an unauthorized or illegal Israeli settlement within the West Bank, constructed without the required authorization from the Israeli government in contravention of Israeli statutes regulating planning and construction


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