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Outpost Security Suite
Developer(s) Russia Agnitum
Stable release
9.1 (4652.701.1951) / July 5, 2014; 2 years ago (2014-07-05)[1]
Operating system Microsoft Windows32-/64-Bit
Platform Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2+, Windows Server 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2003 SP1+]
Type Antivirus, Personal firewall, Intrusion prevention system
License Proprietary EULA (Both commercial and freeware editions are available)
Website agnitum.com

Outpost Security Suite is an Internet security suite package for Windows PCs. Its personal firewall, anti-spyware, Intrusion prevention system and internet security tools components developed by the Agnitum since 2002. After adding anti-virus and anti-spam to the product, known as Outpost Firewall Pro, Outpost Security Suite was released in May 2007. It is available in both freeware and paid Pro versions. Free version was released in November 2010 and has only English and German interfaces and some restrictions compared to shareware edition.[2]

General Description[edit]

Outpost Security Suite Pro (Internet Security suite) is designed to monitor all system and network events on Windows PCs. Outpost goes beyond monitoring internet traffic and also monitors application behavior in an attempt to stop malicious software covertly infecting Windows systems. Agnitum calls this technology "Component Control" (renamed to "System Guard" in 7.0 edition) and "Anti-Leak Control" (included into HIPS-based "Proactive Protection" module). The product also includes a virus, malware and spyware scanners and monitor, together with pop-up blocker filter for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and other [browsers].

Basic Functionality[edit]

Outpost Security Suite Pro basic modules:

  • Personal Firewall - being bidirectional firewall (network filter for inbound and outbound data), it stops inappropriate or malicious access to PC from both internal (LAN) and external (Internet) sources.
  • Anti-Malware (also known as Anti-Virus + Anti-Spyware) - detects, blocks and removes malware, viruses and spyware.
  • Proactive Protection (based on Anti-Leak module) - stops zero-day threats by monitoring how programs interact and blocking illegal activity to protect PC against high-level security breach techniques employed in undetectable malware.
  • Anti-Spam (personalized antispam plug-in for popular Windows email clients) - incorporates both traditional spam filtering criteria such as white/blacklists and keyword filtering, analysis techniques based on Bayesian algorithm. It can be trained to recognize what user defines as spam.
  • Web Control - web surfing security tools including black-lists for IPs and URLs, unwanted web page element filters and ad-blocking on keywords/predefined lists.
  • Analizing tools - event logs, monitors for network activity and monitor for system activity.
  • ImproveNet - the user-collaborated platform with expanding knowledge base to supply users automatically applied security policies for Firewall and Proactive Protection modules.


Outpost Security Suite (OSS) Pro has next add-ons (being installed with the same software package but not mentioned in main interface window):

  • Heuristic Analyzer for eXploits (part of Anti-Malware module) - tool for automated analyzing suspicious behavior in autorun objects to prevent malware activation on system launch,
  • Application Guard (part of Proactive Protection module) - protection for cached login details and passwords, electronic wallet IDs, etc. stored by the browser, IM exchanges, and electronic payment processors — to resist personal data theft and zero-day threats.
  • File and Folder Lock (part of Proactive Protection module) - protection against malware corruption for locally stored digital valuables.
  • File and registry activity monitor (part of Proactive Protection module) — tool for deep analysis of ongoing system events, based on the same principles as FileMon/RegMon were made.
  • Removable media protection (so-called "USB Virus Protection", part of the Proactive Protection module) — non-signature auto-run vulnerability with 5-level blocking of USB/CD/DVD storages auto-run files launch.
  • SmartDecision technology (so-called "Personal Virus Adviser", basis of the Proactive Protection module) — non-signature detection technology to facilitate decision-making process while security issues. 5-level ranging for starting processes/executing files is applied.

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