Outrageous Universe Revival Festival (OUR Fest)

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The Outrageous Universe Revival Festival (OUR Fest) is an annual summer camping festival which has been hosted by musical group Hypnotic Clambake since 1996.[1] The three-day event features a wide array of musical and other performing artists, including several often-recurring acts, such as Pacific Northwest-based Singer-songwriter Baby Gramps. Creator of the event and Hypnotic Clambake frontman, Maury Rosenberg has touted the OUR Fest's "intimate" nature and explained that the natural beauty of the venue is a major factor contributing to the success of the weekend.[2] The OUR Fest is held at the Kevin Cole Farm in the town of Panama, New York.[3]

Performing Artists[edit]

Some of the artists that have performed over the years at the OUR Fest include:

  • Baby Gramps
  • The Buddhahood
  • Creek Bend
  • Miche Fambro
  • Good For Nuthin String Band
  • Anita Lorraine Kinney
  • John Martz Experience
  • Kinloch Nelson
  • New York Klezmer Orchestra
  • Powered by Satan
  • Tim Quackenbush
  • Redheaded Stepchild
  • Bob Shank
  • Snake Oil Medicine Show
  • Stewed Mulligan
  • Leigh Stoner
  • The Tribe of Two
  • The Unabanjoist
  • Joann Vaccaro
  • Waitin on a Train
  • Chet Wild
  • Zydeco Vacation


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