Outskirts (1933 film)

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Directed by Boris Barnet
Written by Boris Barnet
Konstantin Finn
Starring Aleksandr Chistyakov
Sergei Komarov
Yelena Kuzmina
Nikolay Bogolyubov
Nikolai Kryuchkov
Hans Klering
Mikhail Zharov
Vladimir Uralsky
Music by Sergei Vasilenko
Cinematography Mikhail Kirillov
A. Spiridonov
Release date
  • 25 March 1933 (1933-03-25) (Soviet Union)
Running time
98 minutes
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian/ German

Outskirts (Russian: Окраина, meaning Outskirts), also known in English as The Patriots or by the transliterated Russian title Okraina, is a 1933 Soviet film directed by Boris Barnet.[2][3]

Plot summary[edit]

1914. In a small town in a remote part of the Russian Empire, shoemakers struggle to organize against factory owners. When war comes, they are united as soldiers of the Tsar on the Eastern Front. Anka, a local girl, forges a relationship with a German POW. The film criticises war profiteers and encourages workers to reach across national lines. In 1917 the Russian Revolution comes and the Tsar is thrown from power.



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