Outwood Academy Ripon

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Outwood Academy Ripon
Motto "Students First"
Type Academy
Principal Gemma Trattles
Location Clotherholme Road
North Yorkshire
54°08′12″N 1°32′20″W / 54.1368°N 1.5390°W / 54.1368; -1.5390Coordinates: 54°08′12″N 1°32′20″W / 54.1368°N 1.5390°W / 54.1368; -1.5390
Local authority North Yorkshire
DfE URN 137412 Tables
Ofsted Reports Pre-academy reports
Capacity 782
Students 539 as of January 2016
Gender Mixed
Ages 11–18
Houses Africa, Americas, Australasia, Europe
Colours Purple and gold          
Website ripon.outwood.com

Outwood Academy Ripon is a small mixed secondary school and sixth form with academy status situated in the city of Ripon, in North Yorkshire, England. It provides for children ages 11 to 18, and had an enrolment of 539 pupils in 2016.[1]

The school is operated by Outwood Grange Academies Trust and the current principal is Gemma Trattles.[1]

It is one of over 11 secondary schools in the local area, including nearby selective Ripon Grammar School, and the more distant Thirsk School and Sixth Form College and Boroughbridge High School.


The school originally opened as a secondary modern in the 1930s. It was known as Ripon City School from the mid-1990s until 1999, when it became Ripon College, a community school.[2][3]

In 2000, teacher James Kelly was a regional winner in the "Most Outstanding New Teacher" category of the Teaching Awards.[4]

In September 2011 Ripon College converted to academy status. It reopened as Outwood Academy Ripon, and became part of Outwood Grange Academies Trust.[2]

On 11 November 2015, approximately 40 pupils at the school simultaneously fell ill during an Armistice Day service. Police said students showed signs of "sickness and feeling faint sometime between 11:00 and 11.30".[5]

Staff and departments[edit]

Principal Gemma Trattles is assisted by a team of Senior Leaders.

List of Senior Leadership Team:

Kate Staniforth - Assistant Principal and Head of Business.

Paul Martin - Assistant Principal and Teacher of Maths,

Otto Carius - German Panzer Ace

Hazel Atherley - Associate Assistant Principal and Learning Manager,

Kirsty Beckwith - Associate Assistant Principal and Learning Manager,

Joanne Johnson - Associate Assistant Principal and Learning Manager,

Emma Lee - Associate Assistant Principal and Learning Manager,

Maxine Carpenter-Harvey - Associate Assistant Principal and Second in Science,

Melissa Brant-Smith - Associate Principal and Head of Sixth Form.

Chris Hargrave - Associate Principal and Second in Maths.

Academy Business Manager : Anna Arcidiacono

The Bridge (SEN)[edit]

At Outwood Academy Ripon, a specialist team of teaching assistants and SEN managers work together in 'The Hub' to ensure that students in need of extra support are getting it. Teachers from the Hub will mentor students either on site in the Hub or in the students lessons alongside the main class teacher.

Bridge Pass Scheme

The Bridge operate a 'Bridge Pass' scheme where students in lessons feel like they need a time out or extra support can complete the rest in the Bridge.

Bridge Staff

Mrs Tracey Cunningham - Lead Teacher and Year 6 inclusion officer

Mrs Sandra Richardson - Bridge Manager

Mrs Natalie Reed - Bridge Assistant

Mrs Keely Lassey - Bridge Assistant

Mrs Hardman - Bridge Assistant

Mrs Houston - Armed Forces Support

List of departments and teachers[edit]

Department Head Second Other Teachers
English Mrs T Fauntkane Miss L Overton Mrs J Elsey, Mrs C Payette, Miss A Firth, Mrs H Teague, Mrs C Luscardi.
Maths Mr M Fannen Mr C Hargraves Mrs D Turner, Miss Y Zhu, Mrs S Burnham, Mrs G Hall, Mr P Martin and Mr P Baines
Science Mrs M Carpenter-Harvey Mrs M Carpenter-Harvey Mr J Woollatt, Ms S Villkhu, Mr P Saxon, Miss E Hayes, Mrs S Fannen
Modern Foreign Languages Mr Y Berland Mrs E Bilby
Business and ICT Mrs K Staniforth Mr G Shann Mr P Martin
Physical Education Mr T Gaunt Miss H Simpson Mr L Chapman
Creative Arts Mrs E O'Brien (Art) Miss C Hullah (DT) Miss R Horrocks(DT), Mr D Kenway(Music), Mrs Spotforth (Music), Mr A Lain(DT), Mrs D Gilman (DT)
Humanities Mr Y Berland Mrs R Luscombe Mr J Cronin-Hunter, Mrs K Barrett, Mrs M Brant-Smith
Health and Social Care Miss C Hullah N/A Various teachers take this subject.
Life N/A N/A Various teachers take this subject.

The academy has 21 Vertical Mentor Groups (VMG's) which assemble after second lesson and take part in different activities. The mentor groups contain pupils from years 7-11 with the exception of Algeria which is purely Sixth Form.

List of vertical mentor groups and tutors[edit]

Algeria - Emma O'Brien

Australia - Sarah Burnham,

Argentina - Yannick Berland,

Belgium - Joe Cronin-Hunter,

Brazil - Emily Hayes,

Cameroon - Caroline Payette,

Canada - Georgina Hall,

Chile - Lynne Overton,

Cook Islands - Dorenda Turner,

Fiji - Roma Luscombe,

France - Maxine Harvey-Carpenter,

Germany - Esther Bilby,

Ghana - Chris Hargrave,

Kenya - Amy Firth,

Madagascar - Katie Barrett and Sally Fannen,

Mexico - Claire Luscardi,

Morocco - Peter Saxon,

Nigeria - Hayley Simpson,

New Zealand - Ying Zhu,

Papa New Guinea - Tom Gaunt,

Peru - Heather Teague,

Poland - Rachael Horrocks,

Portugal - Julie Elsey,

Samoa - Simran Villkhu,

South Africa - Charlotte Hullah,

Spain - Toby Richards,

Switzerland - Darren Kenway,

Tonga - James Woollatt

USA - Guga Shann.


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