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Qian Shunying (Chinese: 錢舜英; September 9, 1924 - March 8, 2010), better known by her stage name Ouyang Sha-fei (Chinese: 欧阳莎菲), was a Chinese actress.[1]

She is known for her roles in Dragon Fist (1979),[2] A Chinese Ghost Story II (1990), and Dream of the Red Chamber (1977).[3][4]

Early life[edit]

Ouyang was born in Suzhou, Jiangsu, Republic of China on September 9, 1924.[1]

Acting career[edit]

Ouyang was prolific actress; she famously starred in over 250 films in a 54-year period, between 1937 and 1991.[1][5] At the age of 17, she began her acting career in several Mandarin movies in Shanghai.[1] "Spy Number One" (1946) was her first successful movie.[1] Ouyang made 17 films between 1951 and 1952, making her one of the busiest actresses in the Hong Kong film industry in her time.[1] For most of the movies in her early career, she collaborated with her director and husband, Tu Guangqi.[1] This partnership lasted until 1956.[1]

In the early 1960s, Ouyang signed with the Shaw Brothers Studio.[1] She exclusively acted in their films until the late 1970s.[1] As her career matured in the late 1970s, Ouyang primarily took on roles of the mother or aunt in films and received two awards as the Best Supporting Role.[1] While in Taiwan, she collaborated primarily with local Taiwanese TV networks.[1] After returning to Hong Kong, she made cameos in many TV shows and movies and finally retired in 1990.

Personal life[edit]

As Ouyang's acting career took off in the 1940s, she married her director, Tu Guangqi.[1] Her marriage was well-known after World War II.[1] In the 1950s, the married couple escaped to Hong Kong to escape the political turmoil in China.[1] They separated in 1956 and were divorced.[1][3]

In 1979, she remarried and relocated to the United States.[1] When her new spouse died the next year, she relocated to Taiwan.[1] Ouyang later returned to Hong Kong.[1]

After retiring in 1990, Ouyang relocated to the US for a few years and experienced a bad fall in 2009.[1] Her health declined until she died of organ failure on August 5, 2010 and was buried in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.[1]



Ouyang starred in over 250 films.[1][5]

Year Title Role Notes
1943 Swallows Welcome Spring
1943 Qiu Qi Ge
1944 Dream of the Red Mansions
1944 Kai Feng
1945 The Grand Hotel
1945 Struggle
1946 Spy Number One
1948 The Broken Dream
1948 Missing Document
1949 Female Prisoner No. 13 Fenglian Shi
1949 Reformed Lady
1949 The Bell-Ring in the Hanshan Temple
1950 Miss Du Jin
1951 The Open Road Zhilan
1951 Modern Girl
1951 The Thirteen Grand Tutors Also known as The Thirteen That Go Astray
1951 Modern Wives
1951 Missing Document
1952 A Double-Faced Man Yulan Xie
1952 The Troubled Love of Wang Kui and Gui Ying
1952 Don't Tell My Husband
1952 Portrait of a Lady
1952 The Closer the Better
1952 Bloodbath
1952 Angelo
1952 Beautiful Corpse in the Bath
1952 Modern Red Chamber Dream Baochai Xue
1952 A Woman's Heart
1952 Demon of Lust
1952 Fatal Attraction
1952 A Woman's Stifled Desires
1952 The World Turned Upside Down
1952 Gone to the Dogs
1953 New West Chamber
1953 Beauty in Disguise
1953 Little Couple
1953 A Woman's Love
1953 The Magic World of Filmdom
1953 The Illegitimate Son Fang Ah
1953 Do Not Forget Tonight
1954 Love's Longing
1956 Love's Elegy
1956 The Flame of Love
1957 Little Angels of the Streets
1958 Return of the Prodigal Youth
1958 Dawn of New Hopes
1959 All in the Family Du's mother
1959 Girl with a Thousand Guises
1959 Mischievous Girl
1959 Orphans of the Storm
1960 Death Traps Rose Huang Meigui
1960 Secret Affairs
1960 Swindler's Delight
1960 Filial Piety Madam Wong
1960 The Lady Musketeer
1960 Let the Young Decide
1960 The Wild, Wild Rose Liang's mother
1960 Tragic Melody Xiufeng Hua
1960 Devotion Mrs. Shi
1961 Sun, Moon and Star (Part 1) Jianbai's grandmother
1961 The Search of Loved One Aunt Wong
1961 Venture of the Lady Musketeer
1962 Lily of the Valley Mrs. Hu
1962 A Gratitude as Weighty as the Mountain
1962 Tears of a Lute Player
1962 7 Playful Women
1962 Shan Dong Ma Yong Zhen Jingwen Xu
1963 The Love Eterne Shanbo's mother
1963 The Lady and the Thief
1963 The Adulteress Shouying Yang
1963 Stepmother Shuhua Huang
1963 The Second Spring
1964 Beyond the Great Wall Chun's runaway maid
1964 The Warlord and the Actress one of General's wives
1964 The Dancing Millionnairess Yue's aunt
1964 The Shepherd Girl Widow Zhu
1964 The Coin Ma Chen
1964 The Story of Sue San Lung's elder sister
1964 Between Tears and Smiles Yuechin Huang
1964 Comedy of Mismatches Yulang's mother
1965 Call of the Sea Chinhu's mother
1965 The Mermaid Prime Minister's wife
1965 Pink Tears Ping's mother
1965 Squadron 77 Kyoko
1965 Inside the Forbidden City Concubine Chengfei Li
1966 'Til the End of Time Hsuehling's grandmother
1966 The Treacherous Lady Killer
1966 The Blue and the Black (Part 1) Madame Kao
1966 The Blue and the Black (Part 2) Madame Kao
1966 Sweet and Wild Mrs. Tang
1966 The Joy of Spring
1966 The Mating Season Secretary
1966 The Bridge
1967 The King With My Face Empress Wei
1967 Hong Kong Nocturne Tze Ching's Mother
1967 Sweet is Revenge David's mother
1967 Swan Song Mrs. Ge
1967 Too Late for Love Mrs. Li
1967 The Goddess of Mercy Princess Miaoyin
1967 The Mirror and the Lichee Madam Huang
1967 The Midnight Murder Liu's mother
1967 Madam Slender Plum David's mother
1967 Four Sisters Grandma
1968 The Sword of Swords Old Madam
1968 Mist Over Dream Lake Shunchuan Hsu
1968 When the Clouds Roll By Mrs. Qiu
1968 That Fiery Girl Chilli's Nanny
1968 Double Trouble Director's wife
1968 The Rainbow Chiumeng Shen
1968 Forever and Ever Xiaowen's mother
1969 Unfinished Melody Aunty Zhang
1969 Torrent of Desire Madame Chen
1969 Dear Murderer (1969 film) [fr] Mrs. Yeh
1969 Killers Five Yue's mother
1969 Temptress of a Thousand Faces Newspaper manager
1969 Raw Courage Mrs. Bai
1969 Tropicana Interlude Jiang Ren's mother
1970 Double Bliss Mrs. Zhou (Mrs. Chu)
1970 Whose Baby's in the Classroom? Head Mistress
1970 Apartment for Ladies Mrs. Chan
1970 Love Song Over the Sea
1970 A Place to Call Home Mrs. Yukwa Jang
1971 Lady with a Sword [fr] Feifei's mother
1971 The Long Years
1971 The Man with Two Wives
1971 The Swift Knight Sister Yu
1971 Sunset Julie Hu
1971 The Eunuch Kun Erh
1972 The Fugitive Bank customer with jade bracelet
1972 The Lizard Japanese ambassador's wife
1972 Of Wives and Mistresses
1972 Let's Go to Bed
1972 The Merry Wife Ms. Xia
1972 The 14 Amazons Chunchu Chai
1972 Finger of Doom Leader of Finger of Doom clan
1973 The Bastard Brothel madam
1973 Tales of Larceny Blind beggar
1973 Facets of Love Mother
1973 The School Mistress
1973 The House of 72 Tenants Mrs. Chan
1973 River of Fury Yiqing Ge's mother
1974 Hong Kong 73 Dorkei Wong's wife
1974 Sorrow of the Gentry Ma Zhang
1974 The Splendid Love in Winter Mimi's mother
1974 Supremo Mrs. Erhwen Tu
1974 The Playboy
1974 The Emerald Horse
1974 Cheeky Little Angels Grandmother
1974 Blood Reincarnation Dr. Liu's maid Suihong
1974 The Rat Catcher Mrs. Fang
1974 Sex, Love and Hate Li Ji's mother
1974 One Year's Fantasy Wang's mother
1974 Farewell Dearest
1974 Gossip Street Aunt Chau
1975 Black Alice
1975 Lover's Destiny Fengshian's mother
1975 Sup Sap Bup Dup False moustache's wife
1975 The Miserable Girl
1975 The Nutty Crook
1975 The Bloody Escape Tang Li's mother
1975 Cuties Parade
1975 Lady of the Law Madam White Brows
1975 Love Lock
1975 Temperament of Life Manager's wife
1975 The Big Holdup Inspector's mother
1975 The Empress Dowager Concubine
1975 Bald-Headed Betty
1975 Hong Kong Superman
1975 The Bedevilled Chia Chu's mother
1975 All in the Family Ling's mother
1975 Enjoy Longevity-300 Years
1975 Moon and Stars
1975 Maids-in-Waiting
1975 Kissed by the Wolves
1975 Shantung Man in Hong Kong
1975 Gambling Syndicate Casino guest
1975 Mutiny on the High Sea
1975 Bar Girl
1975 My Wacky, Wacky World Brothel boss
1976 Love Swindler Xiaolin's mother
1976 King Gambler Mrs. Shaqian Li
1976 The Web of Death Major clan senior
1976 The Dragon Missile Long's mother
1976 The Big Family Mother Lung
1976 Wrong Side of the Track Aunt Liu
1976 Hustler from Canton
1976 Born Rich
1976 My Funny Intern
1976 The Forbidden Past Mrs. Zhu
1976 Crossroad Fang's mom
1976 The Last Tempest Prince Duan's wife
1976 The Fierce Fist Sher's mother
1976 The Morning Date
1976 The Prodigal Son
1977 The Diary of Di-Di
1977 He Has Nothing But Kung Fu
1977 Starlets for Sale Mrs. Zhang
1977 The Battle Wizard only in deleted footage
1977 Death Duel Hsiao Li's mother
1977 The Flash Legs Chang Fang's mother
1977 Cloud of Romance Wanlu's adoptive mother
1977 The Fatal Flying Guillotines Shen Ping's mother
1977 Golden Nun
1977 The Mad Monk Qin's wife
1977 Pursuit of Vengeance Le Yin
1977 Dreams of Eroticism Siqi's mother
1977 The Dream of the Red Chamber Mrs. Jia Zheng
1977 Forever and Ever Prisoner's mother
1977 Hong Kong Emmanuelle An Liang's mother
1977 Orchid in the Rain
1977 Judgement of an Assassin Chief Jin Te Tien's wife
1978 The Avenging Eagle Se Ma Sun's wife
1978 Heroes of the East Third Aunt
1978 Interlude on Rails
1978 Clan of Amazons Mrs. Xue
1978 Three Minutes Past Nine Shen Yan's grandmother
1978 Duel at Tiger Village Lee San's mother cameo
1978 Delinquent Teenagers
1978 The Cunning Hustler
1979 Lewd Lizard
1979 The Last Judgement Mother Liang
1979 Invincible Enforcer Ah Fatt's wife
1979 Young Lovers Mrs. Fang
1979 Dragon Fist Master Zhuang's wife
1979 Spiritual Boxer, Part II Mother of missing vampire
1979 Spring in the Palace
1980 The Undated Wedding
1980 Haunted Tales Yali's mother
1981 Sha Jia Shi Wu Nu Ying Hao
1981 The Women Soldiers
1981 Kung Fu From Beyond the Grave Chun Sing's mother
1982 In Out Time
1982 Strange Skill
1982 The Persistently Devoted Son
1982 The Devil Fox
1982 Devil Returns
1982 Godfathers of Fury
1983 The Enchantress Jiao's Japanese maid
1983 Take Care, Your Majesty! Royal teacher
1983 Seeding of a Ghost Guest at Fong's home
1983 Devil Fetus Grandmother Cheung
1983 Calamity of Snakes
1984 Law with Two Phases Chief B's mother
1984 Prince Charming Lipin Chen's mother
1984 My Sentimental Little Friend Lora
1985 Why Me? Koko's grandmother
1988 Fatal Love San
1988 Flirting
1990 The Fun, the Luck & the Tycoon Sun's aunt
1990 A Chinese Ghost Story II
1990 Rebel from China Meiling's grandmother
1991 The Gambling Ghost Triad mum playing mahjong at wedding


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