Ouzoud Falls

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Ouzoud Falls
Cascades d'Ouzoud.jpg
Ouzoud Waterfalls
LocationTanaghmeilt, Azzilal, Morocco
Coordinates32°00′55″N 6°43′08″W / 32.0152°N 6.7189°W / 32.0152; -6.7189Coordinates: 32°00′55″N 6°43′08″W / 32.0152°N 6.7189°W / 32.0152; -6.7189
Total height110 m (330 ft)
Number of drops3
Longest drop75

Ouzoud Falls (Amazigh: Imuzzar n wuẓuḍ, French: Cascades d'Ouzoud) is the collective name for several waterfalls that empty into the El-Abid River's (Arabic for "Slaves' River") gorge. This popular tourism destination is located near the Middle Atlas village of Tanaghmeilt, in the province of Azilal, 150 km northeast of Marrakech, Morocco. 'Ouzoud' means "the act of grinding grain" in Berber. This seems to be confirmed by the frequent mills in the region.[1]

The bottom of the falls is accessible through a shaded path of olive trees. At the summit of the falls, there are a dozen old small mills that are still in use. One can also follow a narrow and difficult track leading to the road of Beni Mellal. While descending the gorges from the "wadi el-Abid"[definition needed] in a canyon sometimes one does not distinguish the bottom which is nearly 600 metres down.[citation needed]

It is the most visited site of the region.[citation needed] In the vicinity, green valleys, mills, orchards and a superb circuit of the gorges of the El-Abid River are found. Many local and national associations lead projects to protect and preserve the site.