Ovadia Hedaya

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Ovadia Hedaya
עובדיה הדאיה
Ovadia Hedaya 1959.jpg
Born24 December 1889
Allepo, Syria
Died8 February 1969
(aged 79)
Notable awardsIsrael Prize (1968)

Ovadia Hedaya (Hebrew: עובדיה הדאיה‎, 24 December 1889 – 8 February 1969) was a leading Israeli rabbi.


Rabbi Hadaya was born in 1889 in Aleppo, Ottoman Syria, to rabbi Shalom Hedaya.[1] In 1945, he succeeded his father as head of the Yeshivat haMekubalim (Kabbalists Yeshiva) at Beit El Synagogue, the center of kabbalistic study in Jerusalem.

Awards and honours[edit]

  • In 1968, Rabbi Hedaya was awarded the Israel Prize, in Rabbinical literature.[2]

Published works[edit]

  • Yaskil Avdi (ישכיל עבדי‬): (Eight volumes)

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