Oval Bible College

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Oval Bible College
Motto It's all about the word
Type Private religious college
Established June 2000 (2000-06)
Location Lawrenceville, Georgia 30042, United States
33°56′N 83°58′W / 33.94°N 83.96°W / 33.94; -83.96Coordinates: 33°56′N 83°58′W / 33.94°N 83.96°W / 33.94; -83.96
Campus none
Website www.ovalbiblecollege.com

Oval Bible College (OBC) is an independent religious institution founded by Dr.Timmy Tezeno in June 2000 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States. The College, which provides theological education through correspondence and without any campus classes, is now located in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Oval Bible College operates in 38 states and several countries, including Greece, China, West Indies, Nigeria, South Africa, Mauritius, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Mexico, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, Kenya, Philippines, Virgin Islands, Norway, Germany, India, Italy, Antigua and Barbuda, Haiti, and Ghana.

The College is accredited by the National Bible College Association, a Private Christian accreditation that is not recognized by the United States Department of Education[1] However, the Oval Bible College grants religious degrees for the completion of religious education by the legislature of the State of Louisiana. Associate through doctoral degrees can be granted as long as they are not secular degrees.


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