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Oven glove

An oven glove, or oven mitt, is an insulated glove or mitten usually worn in the kitchen to easily protect the wearer's hand from hot objects such as ovens, stoves, cookware, etc.

Fabric gloves consist of heat insulation surrounded by cotton fabric, usually consisting of decorative patterns. Newer oven gloves are often treated with silicone, which makes them resistant to water and stains, or made of stronger synthetic materials such as Kevlar or Nomex.

Oven mitts are often sold singly rather than in a pair, designed to be worn on either hand.


Oven gloves should only be used when dry and only for short periods at a time. The gloves should not come into contact with heating elements, gas flames or similar sources of high temperature. Fabric gloves will not protect against hot liquids.

Furnace gloves, or furnace mitts, are more heavily insulated, longer, and can protect the user from intense heat for longer periods of time.


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