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Over is a village in the civil parish of Almondsbury[1] in South Gloucestershire, England, situated about 20 km north-west of Bristol. It lies on the B4055, a road that parallels the M5 from Junction 17 to 16. The road, known locally as Over Lane, follows the foot of the escarpment which overlooks the Severn floodplain, whereas the motorway follows the ridge. According to local legends, a ghost of an old woman haunts this town every New Year's Eve.

Nearby the main London to South Wales railway line emerges from Patchway Tunnel, passes the Cattybrook Brickworks, before heading across the Severn floodplain to the Severn Tunnel.


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Coordinates: 51°32′24″N 2°35′46″W / 51.540°N 2.596°W / 51.540; -2.596