Over the Rainbow (1979 TV series)

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Over the Rainbow
Genre Drama
Written by Hoi Tik
Chan Fong
Ng Ho
Directed by Lai Kin-kwok
Yau Ka-hung
Clarence Fok
Wong Kin-fan
Chan Yu-chiu
Lee Siu-tun
Starring Patrick Tse
Adam Cheng
Liza Wang
Carol Cheng
Alan Tam
Lau Dan
Opening theme Rainbow (天虹) by Liza Wang
Composer(s) Joseph Koo
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 85
Producer(s) Lee Tim-shing
Location(s) Hong Kong
Camera setup Multi camera
Running time 45 minutes (85 episodes)
Original network TVB Jade
Original release 29 January (1979-01-29) – 25 May 1979 (1979-05-25)
Over the Rainbow
Traditional Chinese 天虹
Literal meaning "Rainbow"

Over the Rainbow is a Hong Kong modern drama series produced by TVB which premiered on 29 January 1979. The series stars Patrick Tse, Adam Cheng, Liza Wang, Carol Cheng, Alan Tam and Lau Dan, while the theme song, titled Rainbow (天虹), was composed and arranged by Joseph Koo, with lyrics provided by James Wong, and was sung by Liza Wang.


Yu Suk-foon (Leung San) was widowed at a young age and gave birth to a daughter, Yam Oi-wah (Carol Cheng). After the death of her husband, Suk-foon concentrated on developing a fashion company and became a leading figure in the fashion industry. When Oi-wah was ten years old, Suk-foon remarried to police superintendent Hong Sai-hung (Lau Dan), which discontents her father and daughter. When Oi-wah returns to Hong Kong after studying fashion design in the United Kingdom, she is determined to compete with her mother in the fashion industry, only to experience a taste of defeat in the end. Fortunately, Oi-wah wss able to find comfort in her boyfriend Yu Pak-Tuen (Alan Tam), who is a police officer. Suk-foon's business rival, Leung Pui-yee (Liza Wang) strikes a blow to her by hiring Oi-wah while at the bottom of her career, to compete with Suk-foon's company. At this time, To Yat-tin (Patrick Tse), former mastermind of a drug cartel, diverts his profession as a fashion company manager. To admires Pui-yee's enthusiasm and decides to lure Pui-yee in to joining his company, making Pui-yee and Oi-wah competitors in the fashion industry.

At this stage, not only has Oi-wah been emerging in the fashion industry, her relationship with Pak-sui also matures and they announce their marriage. Pak-sui's superior Hong, while an honest man on the surface, is actually a corrupt officer who colludes with drug traffickers. Hong also suspects Pak-sui to be undercover working for the ICAC. Just days before Oi-wah and Pak-Tuen wedding, the latter was killed suddenly. Oi-wah believes her fiance was murdered, and therefore collaborates with Pak-Tuen's good friend, lawyer Wai Ching-lap (Adam Cheng), launching a series unraveling investigations, and eventually uncovering the unexpected culprit.


  • Patrick Tse as To Yat-tin (屠日天)
  • Adam Cheng as Wai Ching-lap (韋政立)
  • Liza Wang as Leung Pui-yee (梁沛怡)
  • Carol Cheng as Yam Oi-wah (任藹華)
  • Alan Tam as Yu Pak-Tuen (于柏端)
  • Lau Dan as Hong Sai-hung (康世雄)
  • Leung San as Yu Suk-foon (俞淑寬)
  • Kwan Hoi-san as Wong Sau-pong (黃首邦)
  • Stanley Fung as Sze-to Sam (司徒森)
  • Wong San as Uncle Kau (九叔)
  • Chan Ka-lin as Wong Mei-ching (黃美貞)
  • Kong Ngai as Cheung Moon (蔣滿)
  • Leung Oi as Sister Fong (芳姐)
  • Cheng Chi-tun as Yam Pak (任伯)
  • Law Kwok-hung
  • Mary Wong

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