Over the River and Through the Woods

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Over the River and Through the Woods
Written by Joe DiPietro
Characters Frank
Date premiered 1994 (1994)
Place premiered Belmont Italian American Playhouse
Bronx, New York
Original language English
Setting The Gianelli home in Hoboken, New Jersey

Over the River and Through the Woods is a play written by Joe DiPietro, published in 1998.[1] It played Off-Broadway at the John Houseman Theatre for 800 performances over two years.

The plot concerns a young, carefree, single bachelor in New Jersey who spends nearly every Sunday afternoon visiting and dining with either of his two sets of grandparents, who are ethnic Italians. One Thursday he makes an unscheduled visit to announce that his corporate employer will be promoting and relocating him to Seattle, Washington in a few months. His grandparents are shocked, and attempt matchmaking by inviting an eligible young woman to join them at the next dinner, hoping the two will bond and their beloved grandson will decide to remain in the area. [2]