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The Lookout Cafe, Overcombe

Overcombe is an area in Preston in south Dorset, England, situated on top of cliffs 2 miles (3.2 km) northeast of Weymouth. The River Jordan flows in the vicinity.[1]

A tollhouse was once situated at the Overcombe corner from Lodmoor, along what was the turnpike road. It was operated by the Shorey family who ran a horse and cart public service. It was demolished in 1959. A block of flats were built in 1965, in place of a cafe. The Spyglass Inn at Overcombe was originally built in the 1930s as a cafe, before becoming the Embassy Hotel and later, the inn.[2] There was once a golf course at Overcombe in the early 20th century.[3] The painter John Constable had his honeymoon at Overcombe.[1]

In the field north of Bowleaze Coveway road is Jordan Hill Roman Temple, which is the remains of a c. 4th century Romano-Celtic temple.[4] In 1928, an important hoard of late 4th century Roman coins was unearthed at Weymouth Bay Estate.[5] In October 2013, 19 swimmers swam in the 5 and a half hour Big Swim from Lulworth Cove to Overcombe Corner, raised £2,560 for the Dorchester Opportunity Group.[6] Overcombe car park, run by the Weymouth and Portland Borough Council, has approximately 180 parking spaces.[7]

In Popular Culture[edit]

Overcombe is the principal location for Thomas Hardy's 1880 novel 'The Trumpet-Major', which was set during the Napoleonic Wars. Overcombe also makes a brief cameo in Hardy's 1886 novel 'The Mayor Of Casterbridge' as one of the places from where came vans of carriers, which travelled in and out of Casterbridge.


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