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Overdrive Marvel.jpg
Publication information
PublisherMarvel Comics
First appearanceAmazing Spider-Man: Swing Shift (May 2007)
Created byDan Slott
Phil Jimenez
In-story information
Team affiliationsSinister Six
AbilitiesAbility to convert any vehicle into a high-powered one

Overdrive is a fictional supervillain, appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, usually as an enemy of Spider-Man

Publication history[edit]

Created by Dan Slott and Phil Jimenez, Overdrive first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man: Swing Shift (May 2007), a Free Comic Book Day issue set after the events of the Spider-Man: One More Day storyline.

Something of a throwaway joke character, Overdrive made a few inconsequential appearances throughout Dan Slott's run on The Amazing Spider-Man. As part of Marvel NOW! and the Superior Spider-Man relaunch, Overdrive joined the Sinister Six and featured as one of the main characters in Superior Foes of Spider-Man.

Fictional character biography[edit]

The unidentified person that became Overdrive was hired by Mister Negative to steal an artifact from a museum, but was unable to deliver it because of interference from Spider-Man. Overdrive led Spider-Man on a high-speed chase through the streets of Manhattan. When Spider-Man smashed the windshield of Overdrive's car, it revealed dozens of pieces of Spider-Man-related merchandise such as bobble-heads, air-fresheners, and action figures. Overdrive declared that he was Spider-Man's "biggest fan", even asking for an autograph as Spider-Man was trying to stop him.[1]

The chase finally culminated in a car-wreck that had Overdrive and his vehicle hanging from a bridge in New York by Spider-Man's webbing with Spider-Man's trademark note, "Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man". Overdrive asked the police who were on the scene to arrest him if he could keep the note. Overdrive was then sent by Mister Negative to steal the Sonic Pulse Generator from a laboratory but he failed again when he met Spider-Man once again. Mister Negative told his men to dispose of Overdrive and they put him in the trunk of Mister Negative's limo and Overdrive was able to escape them by converting the limo into one of his "tricked out" cars.[2]

Ever since Lily Hollister's baby was stolen by the Chameleon, Spider-Man had been going on a rampage against any villains involved. The police recovered a web ball containing Overdrive, Spot, and Diablo.[3]

Peter Parker later sees Overdrive kidnapping Terri Hilman, the daughter of a powerful socialite. Since his costume is dirty after the battle with Doctor Octopus, Peter is forced to use a Halloween Spider-Man costume. Overdrive transforms the limousine he is driving into a copy of the Spider-Mobile. He then shoots Peter with webs pinning him into a wall. However, Peter manages to take Overdrive out from the car and leave him hanging for the police.[4]

While working for Kingpin, Overdrive fought Black Panther.[5]

As part of the Marvel NOW! event, Overdrive was hired by Boomerang to be a part of his version of the Sinister Six. Overdrive stole the original Big Wheel vehicle and upgraded it through his powers. However, the Superior Spider-Man (Doctor Octopus' mind in Peter Parker's body) defeated Overdrive and the rest of the Sinister Six using a power dampening field that caused Overdrive's nano-bacteria to shut down.[6] Overdrive features as one of the main characters in Superior Foes of Spider-Man. He secretly admitted that he only became a villain to gain a reputation, then planned to convert to the good side, like Hawkeye.[7]

The new Hijacker that fought Ant-Man and Captain America in Miami claimed that his superpowers were derived from nanites that he acquired in New York from "some washout called Overdrive."[8]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Overdrive scatters nanites by touch which can transform a vehicle to his will such as improving a car's speed or design. These changes will revert if Overdrive is away from the vehicle for too long.

In other media[edit]

Overdrive appears in the Spider-Man episode "Bring on the Bad Guys" Pt. 1, voiced by Ryan Blaney.[9] He is among the villains that take part in a mysterious person's bounty on Spider-Man. Overdrive lured him out by using his nanites on a bus which led to Spider-Man evacuating the bus. After being buried in Overdrive's trap where Overdrive took his glove, Spider-Man found a nanite sample which he used to work for him by powering up his Uncle Ben's motorcycle. When Overdrive returned due to needing Spider-Man's body, Spider-Man raced him in a motorcycle race which ends with Spider-Man using a virus in Overdrive's nanites to stop him. As Spider-Man webs up Overdrive, the police arrive as one of the police officers gives Spider-Man a ticket for speeding. Overdrive quotes "You'll get used to them" as he is taken away.

A female Marvel 2099 version of Overdrive appears in the Nintendo DS version of Spider-Man: Edge of Time, voiced by Kari Wahlgren. Her costume appears to be made up of nanites as her long white hair sticks out. She is also much more competent than her mainstream counterpart and claims she does crime simply because of the speed.


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