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Founded 1975
Headquarters Leeds, England
Number of locations
Services Bespoke Builds and Current Vehicle Enhancements
Website www.overfinch.com

Overfinch is a company that customizes Range Rovers and is based in Leeds, England. In 2005, Overfinch won the Ford “Special Recognition for Outstanding Achievement in Design” award for the SuperSport styling package.[1] In November 2010, Overfinch was placed into administration, under the control of administrators Wilson Field.[2] Autobrokers Ltd of Leeds (who had traded for the previous four years as the Overfinch Vehicle Retailing Division under then name 'Overfinch Leeds'), acquired the business and assets.[3] Models include the Overfinch 580 S,[4] the 2010 Overfinch Vogue GT (based on Range Rover), Overfinch SuperSport (based on Range Rover Sport),[5] and Holland & Holland Overfinch [6]


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