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Overhead may be:

  • Overhead (business), the ongoing operating costs of running a business
  • Engineering overhead, ancillary design features required by a component of a device
    • Overhead (computing), ancillary computation required by an algorithm or program
    • Protocol overhead, additional bandwidth used by a communications protocol
    • Line code or encoding overhead, additional bandwidth required for physical line transmission
  • Overhead information, for telecommunication systems
  • File system overhead, storage or other consideration required by a file system that is not directly related to data. For example, in tape data storage, the separator between one file and the next is overhead.
  • Any physical object situated, or action occurring above:
  • Overhead cam, a mechanical device
  • Overhead join, in air traffic control
  • Overhead press, an upper-body weight training exercise in
  • Overhead crane or bridge crane, a type of crane sliding on two parallel rails

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