Overkill (EP)

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Overkill ep.jpg
EP by Overkill
Released 1984
Recorded Venture Sound Studio
Genre Thrash metal, speed metal
Length 24:04
Label Azra/Metal Storm
Producer Mike Siegel & Vadim Rubin
Overkill chronology
Feel the Fire

Overkill is the first EP recorded by thrash metal band Overkill released in 1984 on Azra/Metal Storm records. It is also considered by the band as their "first album", making their debut Feel the Fire their second record and so forth. The EP is included on the !!!Fuck You!!! And Then Some compilation.

All of the songs from this EP (except for "The Answer") would be re-recorded for the band's future albums; "Rotten to the Core" and "Overkill" were re-recorded for Feel the Fire, while "Fatal If Swallowed" was re-recorded for Taking Over.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Rotten to the Core"   5:14
2. "Fatal if Swallowed"   6:20
3. "The Answer"   8:49
4. "Overkill"   3:41
Total length:


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