Overlook, Portland, Oregon

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Overlook is located in Portland, Oregon
Coordinates: 45°33′22″N 122°41′34″W / 45.55600°N 122.69277°W / 45.55600; -122.69277Coordinates: 45°33′22″N 122°41′34″W / 45.55600°N 122.69277°W / 45.55600; -122.69277
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CountryUnited States
 • AssociationOverlook Neighborhood Association
 • CoalitionNorth Portland Neighborhood Services
 • Total3.31 sq mi (8.58 km2)
 • Total6,093
 • Density1,800/sq mi (710/km2)
 • No. of households2462
 • Occupancy rate95% occupied
 • Owner-occupied1646 households (67%)
 • Renting816 households (33%)
 • Avg. household size2.47 persons

Overlook is a neighborhood in the North section of Portland, Oregon on the east shore of the Willamette River. It borders University Park and Arbor Lodge on the north, Humboldt and Boise on the east, Eliot on the southeast, and Northwest Industrial and the Northwest District across the Willamette on the west.

Downtown Portland with Swan Island in the foreground.

The Overlook Park station, the North Prescott Street station, and the North Killingsworth Street station on the MAX Yellow Line provide light rail service to the neighborhood.

Overlook House (1928) serves as a community center.[2] The Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center, next to Patton Park, features arts education, exhibits and theater.

The neighborhood includes Swan Island, originally an island in the Willamette, but connected to the east bank by landfill in the 1920s. Swan Island was the site of Portland's first airport, Swan Island Municipal Airport, dedicated by Charles Lindbergh in 1927[3] and operating until the early 1940s when the island was converted to naval shipbuilding use for World War II as one of the Kaiser Shipyards.[4] Swan Island is now an industrial area.

This neighborhood is also occasionally referred to as Mocks Crest.[citation needed]

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