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Overs Piano is an Australian brand of grand piano, owned by Ron Overs. Overs specialises in the manufacture of grand pianos, as well as their restoration and rebuilding.


Overs Pianos have been active in innovative piano design, and their work in this field has resulted in them becoming a member of the Australian Technology Showcase.[citation needed] In 1999, Ron Overs designed a new grand piano action which has considerably less friction than other grand piano actions.[citation needed] In 2003, after ten years of work, Overs developed a structurally and tonally improved soundboard design.[citation needed]

In 2004, the New South Wales Treasurer and Minister for State Development, Michael Egan, stated that Overs' piano technology "is rapidly establishing Overs Pianos as a world leader in piano design".[1]


Numerous recordings have been made with Overs pianos by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation,[citation needed] including recordings made on the piano owned by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.[2]

Other services[edit]

Besides building grand pianos, Overs also maintain, restore and remanufacture grand pianos, as well as consulting on piano design.[citation needed]

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