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Overseas Malays refer to individuals with ethnic Malay or Malay race ancestry living outside Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, South Thailand and neighbouring Malay home areas.



Migration northwards from South East Asia populated southern China before populating the whole of East Asia [1]

Malays: 15,000

Malays: 26,000

Malays: 2,000,000

Malays in Sri Lanka also known as Ja-minissu: 50,000

Malays: 12,000


There are 253,000 Cape Malays living in South Africa.


Australia's ethnic Malay population number around 10,000 people.

Malays: 2,200

North America[edit]

Malays: 2,600[2]

There are 9,000 Malays living in the United States.


The Malay population in the United Kingdom is 49,000.

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