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An overture is the instrumental introduction to a dramatic, choral or, occasionally, instrumental composition. Overture may also refer to:


  • Overture Networks, multi-national manufacturer of networking and telecommunications equipment
  • Overture Films theatrical motion picture production & distribution company
  • Overture Services, an Internet search engine company acquired by Yahoo! in 2003

Video Games[edit]



  • "Overture" (Def Leppard song), the last track on Def Leppard's debut album On Through The Night (1980)
  • "Overture" (The Who song), a song by The Who from the 1969 rock opera Tommy
  • "Overture", a song from Irving Berlin's musical Annie Get Your Gun, starring Dolores Gray as Annie Oakley
  • "Overture", a song from Patrick Wolf's album The Magic Position (2007)
  • "Overture", the instrumental introduction of Rush's song "2112" from the album of the same name, released in 1976
  • "Overture 1928", the second track from Dream Theater's fifth studio album, Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory
  • "Overture" (Bruckner), an orchestral composition by Anton Bruckner


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