Owa language

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Santa Ana
Region Solomon Islands
Native speakers
8,400 (1999)[1]
  • Tawarafa
  • Owa Raha
  • Owa Riki
Language codes
ISO 639-3 stn
Glottolog owaa1237[2]

The Owa language is a language of the Solomon Islands. It is part of the same dialect continuum as Kahua, and shares the various alternate names of that dialect.


Owa is a member of the Southeast Solomonic languages and is spoken in the southern part of the island of Makira as well as the Owaraha and Owariki islands in the Solomon Islands. It was formerly called Santa Ana, under which name several Anglican publications of the Church of the Province of Melanesia have been printed in this language from 1938 to the present.


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