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Owain (Welsh pronunciation: [ˈoːwain]) is a name of Welsh origin. variously written in Old Welsh as Ou(u)ein, Eug(u)ein, Euguen, Iguein, Yuein, and Ouein, and in Middle Welsh as Ewein, Owein, and Ywein. Other variants of the name Owain include Ewein, Iguein, Owein, Ouein, Ywen, Ywein, Ywain, Yuein, and Yvain. Owain has also been Latinized as "Oenus". According to T.J. Morgan, the name is a derivation of the Latin Eugenius.[1]

Owain is one of the few Welsh names to be consistently popular over the last 100 years in England and Wales, particularly with the spelling Owen (and pronunciation /ˈoʊwən/).[2] Patronymics include "Bowen" (from "[a]b Owain")[3] and Owens.


People with the name Owain include:

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  • Owen (anglicised form of the name)


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