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Owe is a surname or given name, a spelling variation of Ove. Notable people with the name include:

  • Baard Owe (born 1936), Norwegian-born actor
  • Owe Adamson (born 1935), Swedish cyclist and Olympic competitor
  • Owe Hellberg (born 1953), Swedish Left Party politician
  • Owe Jonsson (1940–1962), Swedish sprinter, ice hockey and bandy player
  • Owe Lostad (1922–2013), Swedish rower and Olympic competitor
  • Owe Nordqvist (born 1927), Swedish cyclist and Olympic competitor
  • Owe Ohlsson (born 1938), Swedish footballer and manager
  • Owe Thörnqvist (born 1929), Swedish troubadour, revue artist and songwriter
  • Owe Wiktorin (born 1940), Swedish General