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Metro Centre at Owings Mills, previously Owings Mills Town Center, is a partially-completed $220 million transit-oriented development in Owings Mills, Maryland aimed at creating a downtown meeting place on the land between the Owings Mills Metro Station and the former Owings Mills Mall.[1] The complex will include housing, shops, office space, a hotel, a library,[2] and a community college (which would share the same building as the library). In addition, a new garage has been constructed on the Metro station lot to replace some of the parking spaces that the Metro will lose to the town center.

The Town Center project faced a large number of legal hurdles prior to beginning construction.[3] However, construction finally began, and some of the project is already complete. As of early summer 2012, the construction of what is now known as Owings Mills Metro Centre continues, even as lawmakers continue to argue about details of the final project. Two nearby projects have created a potential fight for a limited market, creating a sense for some neighbors that when the project is complete, it may find itself competing with a glut of other available retail space.

In 2004, a developer proposed a mixed-use project next to the Owings Mills Town Center. It would have overlooked a lake which was cancelled in the 1980s by the Army Corps of Engineers due to environmental concerns. The proposal included a series of mid-rise condominium buildings, office space, and a residential component.[4]


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