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The clubhouse

The Owl Club is a final club at Harvard College, founded in 1896.


Owl Club was founded in 1896 by Reginald Mansfield Johnson, Malcolm Scollay Greenough, Jr., Frazier Curtis, Preston Player, Charles Clifford Payson, Austen Fox Riggs, and Dudley Hall Bradlee, Jr. It originally went under the name Ἀυλὸς χαὶ Ἔκπωμα (meaning the Pipe and Mug), or Alpha Epsilon.

In 1901, land on the corner of Holyoke Street and Holyoke Place was purchased. In 1905, architect James Purdon of Purdon and Little drew up plans for the Georgian clubhouse. June 24 of that year the cornerstone of the present clubhouse was laid. The new building was formally opened on March 24, 1906, the tenth anniversary of the Club.

In 1916, it was voted officially to change the name from “Phi Delta Psi Club” to “Owl Club”. The club had become informally known as Owl as an abbreviation of its Greek name, Ἀυλὸς χαὶ Ἔκπωμα.

Notable members[edit]


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