Owl Creek Mountains

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The Owl Creek Mountains in Wyoming are shown highlighted on a map of the western United States

The Owl Creek Mountains are a subrange of the Rocky Mountains in central Wyoming in the United States, running east to west to form a bridge between the Absaroka Range to the northwest and the Bridger Mountains to the east. The range forms the boundary between the Bighorn Basin to the north and the Shoshone Basin to the south. The Wind River passes through the gap between the range and the Bridger Mountains to the east, and becomes the Bighorn River on the north side of the mountains. The high point of the range is 9,665 feet (2,946 m).[1] The range is entirely within the Wind River Indian Reservation.

The Owl Creek Mountains from U.S. Route 20 at the north end of Bighorn Canyon

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Coordinates: 43°27′N 108°45′W / 43.450°N 108.750°W / 43.450; -108.750