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Not to be confused with the alder or smuggler.

Owler, Inc.
Industry Internet Services
Founded 2011
Founder Jim Fowler, Rajan Madhavan, Tim Harsch
Key people
Tim Harsch (CEO), Jim Fowler (Executive Chairman), Sumit Malhotra (CTO), Nicole Lopuch (Head of Marketing)
Revenue US$ 3.3 million
Number of employees
Website owler.com

Owler (formerly named InfoArmy, Inc.)[1] is an American internet company headquartered in San Mateo, California, with an office in Coimbatore, India. Owler crowdsources competitive insights[2] by providing news alerts, company profiles, and polls and allows members to follow, track, and research companies in real time. The company was founded in 2011 and has over 1.5 million active users.


InfoArmy was founded in 2011 by Jim Fowler, Rajan Madhavan, and Tim Harsch. Fowler previously founded Jigsaw (now called Data.com), another crowdsourcing Data as a Service platform that was sold for 175M to Salesforce Inc. in 2010.[3]

InfoArmy launched publicly in June 2012,[4] and had 28 employees as of October 23, 2012.

InfoArmy began as a crowdsourcing model where two-person research teams would compile one report on each company. Most researchers were stay-at-home parents, freelance workers, and international BPO workers.[5] Access to InfoArmy’s reports cost $99 for a year-long subscription and three quarterly reports.

In January 2013, InfoArmy announced that its business model would not be sustainable in the long term.

On February 1, 2013, InfoArmy relaunched as Owler, Inc. using a different business model.[6] Owler offers a free mobile and online platform for company information and interactive business news.[7] Members can choose to "follow" a set of companies, and Owler provides a personalized newsfeed and daily email summary of the latest news on those companies. Owler members can also sign up to receive immediate notifications when major business events (such as funding, acquisitions, or leadership changes) occur. The competitive intelligence featured on Owler comes from two primary places: it is both hand curated by Owler employees from sources across the web, and crowdsourced from Owler users, referred to as the “Owler Community.” Unlike other business information services, Owler polls its members to gauge market sentiment and current trends.


Owler is backed by Norwest Venture Partners and Trinity Ventures, two venture capital firms based in Silicon Valley, California. On Oct. 23, 2012, the company raised $17.3 million in Series B venture capital, bringing its total funding to $19.3 million.[8]

Products & Technology[edit]

Owler offers a number of different services, including several different email products as well as a browser-based web platform.

Web Platform[edit]

Members can view their personalized newsfeed on the browser-based platform, which can be accessed via computer or smartphone. They can also view company profiles, edit profile information, and take polls through the web platform.

The web version also gives members access to lists that contain data about major events, such as funding rounds or acquisitions.

Daily Snapshot[edit]

Owler’s Daily Snapshot provides users with the latest news events in their industry. Owler curates the most relevant news and blog posts from within the last 24 hours, surfacing stories on that member’s company, competitors, and prospects. Each Daily Snapshot is personalized to a user’s Competitive Graph and based on the companies that user follows.

Instant Insights[edit]

Owler emails users an Instant Insight anytime a funding event, acquisition, or leadership change occurs. Users follow competitors, customers, prospects, and vendors, and Owler instantly sends full report hot anytime breaking events occur. This email features: company description, competitive landscape, and what people are saying.

Weekly Showdown[edit]

Every Wednesday, Owler emails their Weekly Showdown to subscribers. The Weekly Showdown is a report that compares crowdsourced insights on a user’s company to those of that users’ top three business competitors. Each week, Owler highlights one of nine different metrics, including: web traffic, CEO approval, Alexa Rank, financials, blog activity, employee count & key hires, social statistics, and Owler followers.

Competitive Graph[edit]

Owler’s Competitive Graph maps the relationship between companies. It was created by Owler’s over 1 million members who regularly update their competitors (as well as provide estimates on critical data fields like revenue/employee numbers, CEO ratings, etc.).[9] The Competitive Graph maps how closely companies compete with one another, allowing Owler to rank competitors. The Competitive Graph powers all of Owler’s products, allowing the company to provide highly personalized email alerts and feeds.[10]


Leadership Team[edit]

  • Tim Harsch, CEO and Co-Founder
  • James F. Fowler, Founder and Executive Chairman
  • Sumit Malhotra, CTO[11]
  • Nicole Lopuch, Head of Marketing

Board of Directors[edit]


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