Owls in the Family

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Owls in the Family
First edition
AuthorFarley Mowat
PublisherLittle, Brown & Co
Publication date

Owls in the Family novel written by Farley Mowat first published in 1961.

Plot summary[edit]

Billy is a boy who resides in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan who brings home numerous animals and spends time with his two best friends, Bruce and Murray. Billy winds up finding two great horned owls, which join his larger pet collection. The first bird, Wol, is larger and lighter in colour with a bold personality and was found by Billy and his friends under a bush after a storm. Soon afterward, Billy finds Weeps, a smaller mottled brown owl in a barrel filled with oil. When Billy witnesses children throwing stones at Weeps, who is unable to fly, he trades his scout knife for him. Unlike Wol, Weeps has an anxious disposition and sits on the handlebars of Billy's bicycle due to his inability to fly.

Billy has a number of adventures with Wol and Weeps, including tough times and happy moments. When Billy and his family move to Toronto, Ontario, he entrusts the owls to Bruce.


  • Billy: A boy who adopts Wol and Weeps; the protagonist
  • Wol: An owl found under a bush after a chinook and best friend
  • Weeps: An owl being hit with rocks by older children in an oil barrel before being rescued by Billy
  • Bruce and Murray: Billy's friends
  • Mr. Miller: A teacher who wants to get pictures of owls in a tree
  • Ophelia: The former maid of Billy, finds Wol in Billy`s room
  • Rex: Bruce's dog
  • Mutt: Billy's dog
  • Mother: Billy's mother
  • Dad: Billy's father