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Owner's engineer, also known as the Client's engineer, is a term often given to the representative of the commissioning company of a construction or engineering project.

Most often, an Owner's Engineer is a subcontracted role; undertaken to protect the owner's interests by ensuring that the technical and build contractors are adhering sufficiently to the project specification. Owner's Engineers also fill gaps in resources and expertise for a project.

Project Management Function[edit]

Ordinarily, the role is separate from the Project Manager's role as this often involves overseeing the technical and commercial due diligence aspects of the works. Owners engineers are usually a "third party" overseeing the executing parties activities throughout the project life

Functions often include:

  • Project Evaluation,Feasibility and Planning reviews
  • Contract reviews (non-legal)
  • Monitoring of Construction progress
  • Monitoring of equipment and material compliance with specifications
  • Engineering design and planning reviews
  • Schedule Analysis and Optimization
  • Equipment Commissioning and Verification Test
  • Operational and Maintenance Review
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • General reporting to owner on the basis of technical and business competence

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