Owston Ferry Castle

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Owston Ferry Castle
Owston Ferry
Owston Ferry Castle.jpg
Owston Ferry Castle is located in Lincolnshire
Owston Ferry Castle
Owston Ferry Castle
CoordinatesCoordinates: 53°29′32″N 0°47′12″W / 53.4923°N 0.7866°W / 53.4923; -0.7866
Grid referencegrid reference SE806002
Site information
Controlled byNorth Lincolnshire Council
Open to
the public
Site history
Builtc. 1070
rebuilt: 1174
Demolished1095, 1174
Battles/warsRevolt of 1173–74

Owston Ferry Castle (also known as Kinnard's Ferry Castle) was in the village of Owston Ferry, some 12 kilometres (7 mi) to the north of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.

It is thought that the original castle on this site was erected soon after the Norman Conquest but that it was dismantled in 1095. It was rebuilt in 1173 by Roger de Mowbray to support Prince Henry in the conflict with his father Henry II who subsequently had the castle destroyed.[1]

The site of the motte remains as a broad grassy mound. The surrounding area is now a Local Nature Reserve.[2][3][4]


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