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An ox is a mammal.

Ox or OX may also refer to:

Arts and entertainment[edit]


Other media[edit]

  • The Ox (film), a 1991 Swedish film
  • Doctor Ox, a fictional doctor and scientist created by Jules Verne in 1872
  • Ox (comics), a villain in the Marvel Comics universe
  • 0Ⅹ, a creature from the eponymous book in the Of Man and Manta trilogy by Piers Anthony



  • Ox (nickname), a list of people nicknamed "Ox" or "the Ox"
  • The Ox or Ox Baker (1934-2014), ring names of American professional wrestler and actor Douglas Baker



Other uses[edit]

  • Ox (zodiac), one of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac
  • Ox (Chinese constellation), one of the 28 mansions of the Chinese constellations
  • Oxalate, in chemistry sometimes abbreviated as ox when it forms coordination compounds