Oxalis adenophylla

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Oxalis adenophylla
Oxalis adenophylla.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Eudicots
(unranked): Rosids
Order: Oxalidales
Family: Oxalidaceae
Genus: Oxalis
Species: O. adenophylla
Binomial name
Oxalis adenophylla

Oxalis adenophylla, commonly known as Chilean oxalis or silver shamrock (among other common names), is an Argentinian and Chilean alpine plant. It does well in far-north locations such as Sweden, Norway and Nova Scotia (Canada), as well as in purely temperate regions. Its cold-hardiness comes from the bulb's adaptation to freezing during dormancy. It is, however, susceptible to rot in the winter in temperate zones, a problem not present where ground freezes in winter. It is tolerant of some shade, but will bloom most with southern full sunlight[1].


Hardiness: USDA Zones 4-10.[1] Outside of its native location, it is often used for rock gardens. It can also do well as a houseplant.



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