List of numbered roads in Oxford County

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The following are Roads in Oxford County, Ontario as maintained by that county:

Road number Communities served Direction Notes
2 Thamesford, Rayside, Woodstock, Highway 401, Eastwood, Gobles, Princeton East/West formerly Ontario Highway 2
3 Washington, Drumbo, Princeton North/South
4 Innerkip, Woodstock North/South Begins at Road 29 as Innerkip's Blandford St., and intersects with Roads 5, 17 and 2 before ending at Road 15.
5 near Innerkip North/South
6 Brooksdale, Embro, Highway 401, Foldens North/South
7 Rayside, Ingersoll North/South
8 Hickson, Bright, Plattsville, Washington East/West
9 Ingersoll, Beachville, Woodstock North/South original alignment of King's Highway 2 between Ingersoll and Woodstock
10 Ingersoll, Highway 401, Verschoyle, Culloden, Brownsville North/South
11 Beachville North/South short connector CR 2 and CR 9
12 Ontario Highway 19, Foldens, Sweaburg, Highway 401, Woodstock North/South Sweaburg Road
13 Holbrook, Springford North/South sometimes referred to as Highway 59A
14 north of Norwich North/South connects CR 59 with CR 14 and CR 55
15 Woodstock, Highway 401 East/West Parkinson Rd. east of Norwich Ave. in Woodstock
16 Kintore East/West
17 Golspie, north of Woodstock East/West Tollgate Rd.
18 Mount Elgin, Newark, Norwich East/West
19 Ostrander, Springford, Otterville East/West
20 Brownsville, Delmer, Tillsonburg East/West North St. in Tillsonburg
21 east of Burgessville, north of Norwich East/West
22 Bright, Muir North/South
23 East/West short section from CR 22, along Perth County border
24 Tavistock East/West
25 Medina, Lakeside East/West
26 west of Brownsville North/South along Middlesex County border
27 Dereham Centre East/West Prouse Rd.
28 Uniondale, Harrington West, Maplewood East/West
29 Innerkip, Highway 401, Drumbo East/West
30 Woodstock North/South 11th line
32 near Hawtrey North/South at extreme southeast of county, connects CR 37
33 south of Embro, Innerkip East/West
34 near Tavistock North/South Southwest bypass of Tavistock
35 Woodstock East/West The road is Woodstock's Devonshire Ave., runs for 5 km, and has four stoplights, including an intersection with Co.Rd. 4
36 near Paris, Ayr North/South Brant Oxford Road, Trussler Road
37 Tillsonburg East/West Potter's Rd.
40 Curries East/West
41 Sweaburg North/South short connector to CR 40
42 Plattsville East/West
43 east of Washington North/South spur from CR 8 to Perth County
44 East/West short section from CR 43, along Perth County border
45 south of Thamesford North/South
46 Salford, Holbrook East/West
51 Tillsonburg East/West Simcoe St.
52 Woodstock North/South Clarke St. N. (north of Dundas St.)
53 Tillsonburg North/South Tillson Ave.
54 Woodstock North/South Huron St. (from Devonshire Ave. to Dundas St.)
55 Eastwood, Highway 403, Muir East/West formerly Ontario Highway 53
59 Tavistock, Hickson, Strathallan, Huntingford, Woodstock, Highway 401, Curries, Holbrook, Burgessville, Norwich, Milldale North/South formerly Ontario Highway 59
119 Uniondale, Medina, Kintore, Thamesford, Ingersoll North/South formerly Ontario Highway 19

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