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Oxford Forum is a research organisation based in Oxfordshire, founded in 1998 by Celia Green and three academic colleagues, to promote and publish dissident views in philosophy, psychology, economics and sociology.

Its current principal contributors, apart from Green, are Charles McCreery and Fabian Tassano.


  • Celia Green, The Human Evasion
  • Celia Green, The Decline and Fall of Science
  • Celia Green, Advice to Clever Children
  • Fabian Tassano, The Power of Life or Death: Medical Coercion and the Euthanasia Debate
  • Celia Green, The Lost Cause: An Analysis of Causation
  • Celia Green, Letters from Exile: Observations on a Culture in Decline
  • Fabian Tassano, Mediocracy: Inversions and Deceptions in an Egalitarian Culture
  • Charles McCreery, Perception and Hallucination: The Case for Continuity

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