Oxford Sandy and Black

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Oxford Sandy and Black
Oxford Sandy and Black sow
Oxford Sandy and Black sow at a pig show
Country of originEngland
  • Pig
  • Sus scrofa domesticus

The Oxford Sandy and Black is a breed of domestic pig originating in Oxfordshire. Named for its colour, which is a base of sandy brown with black patches, the breed is also sometimes called the "Plum Pudding" or "Oxford Forest pig."[1] Related to the old Berkshire and Tamworth breeds,[1] it is one of the oldest pigs native to Britain.[2]

The Oxford Sandy and Black is a hardy, docile pig suited to being reared outdoors, where its colour protects it from sunburn (which pink pigs tend to suffer from). The breed has twice neared extinction,[2] but is recovering, partly thanks to the efforts of the breed association, the Oxford Sandy & Black Pig Society.[3][4]


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