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The Oxford Student
The Oxford Student.gif
Type Weekly newspaper during Oxford University term time
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Oxford Student Services Ltd
Founded 1992
Political alignment none
Circulation c. 15,000[1]

The Oxford Student is a newspaper produced by and for students of the University of Oxford; it is sometimes abbreviated to The OxStu. The paper was established in 1992 by the Oxford University Student Union (OUSU).[2]

The Oxford Student is owned by the OUSU and run through the Student Union's commercial subsidiary, Oxford Student Services Ltd (OSSL). The newspaper's constitution grants the paper editorial independence.


The Oxford Student was named "Student Newspaper of the Year" at the Guardian Student Media Awards in 2001, was shortlisted in 2004 and 2012, and awarded the runner-up prize in 2007.[3]


In 2004, the newspaper gained national publicity when two reporters broke University rules to expose security flaws in the University's computer network; the student journalists responsible, Patrick Foster and Roger Waite, were rusticated by the University Court of Summary Jurisdiction, but on appeal their punishment was reduced to a fine.[4] Foster now[when?] works as Media Correspondent for The Times, and Waite worked for the Sunday Times for a few years after graduating.

In 2014, shortly after Amelia Hamer became editor, the paper ran a news story[5] about the Ben Sullivan controversy[6]which caused an outcry amongst students as it "reinforced rape myths in the press". It garnered negative attention in other student media,[7] and also led to calls for Hamer to resign. Three months later, on the 24th September, Hamer was removed from her role because of pressure from student activists.[8]


Current Editors: Bethany Kirkbride and James Chater

  • Sam Sykes and Scott Harker - Trinity 2016
  • Ariane Laurent-Smith and Naomi Southwell - Hilary 2016
  • Laura Whetherly and David Barker - Michaelmas 2015
  • Nasim Asl and Luke Mintz - Trinity 2015
  • Sachin Croker (replacing Laura Helena-Kennedy) and Alys Key - Hilary 2015
  • Jack Myers (replacing Amerlia Hamer) and Jessica Sinyor - Michaelmas 2014
  • Nick Toner and Rosalind Brody - Trinity 2014
  • Ruth Maclean and Miles Dilworth - Hilary 2014
  • Tom Ough and Sarah Poulten - Michaelmas 2013
  • Alis Lewis and Charles Walmsley - Trinity 2013
  • James Restall and Jonathan Tomlin - Hilary 2013


Former contributors include Laura Barton of The Guardian, Mark Henderson and Rob Hands of The Times, and Karl Smith of The Independent.[citation needed]


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