Oxford University Cricket Club

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Oxford University
Second XI: Oxford University Authentics
Captain: England Gus Kennedy
Coach: England Graham Charlesworth
Founded: 1827
Home ground: University Parks
First-class debut: Cambridge University
in 1827
at Lord's
Official website: www.cricketintheparks.org.uk

Oxford University Cricket Club (now closely linked to the Oxford MCC Universities (MCCU) team which incorporates Oxford Brookes University, but retaining its independence) is a first-class cricket team, representing the University of Oxford. It plays its home games at the University Parks in Oxford, England. For Oxford's first-class fixtures other than those against Cambridge University they play as Oxford MCCU (known as Oxford Universities Centre of Cricketing Excellence (UCCE) prior to the 2010 season).

Cricketers who have competed in the first-class four-day Varsity Match against Cambridge University are eligible for an Oxford Blue.

The earliest reference to cricket at Oxford University is the year 1729; no less an authority than Dr Samuel Johnson was a student and later stated that he played cricket there.

Oxford University made its first-class debut in 1827 when it played Cambridge University Cricket Club in the first ever University Match. In terms of extant clubs being involved, this is the oldest major cricket fixture in the world: i.e., although some inter-county fixtures are much older, none of the current county clubs were founded before 1839 (the oldest known current fixture is Kent versus Surrey).

The Oxford University Centre of Cricketing Excellence (OUCCE) team played 27 first-class matches from 2001 to 2009. As Oxford Marylebone Cricket Club University, the team has played fourteen first-class matches from 2010 to 2015.

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